Utah Families

Utah is so much more than a geographical area. The wide open spaces, the majestic mountains, and the beautiful landscapes combine with the special character of the people to form a unique and beautiful state. There is a mental image associated with our great state, one of families, bound together by love and surrounded by our beautiful scenery. It is a cultural maxim that we are only as great and strong as our families, and thus they are given great importance here in Utah. The fact that our state struggles with high rates of sexual violence, domestic abuse, drug addiction, child poverty, and many other serious problems is so surprising. These issues are non-partisan, and they are destroying our families. It is time for our elected officials to do their jobs and make policy that actually helps and strengthens our families.

Now is the time to elect a representative who takes these issues seriously. It is easy to pay lip service to families and family values, it is far different to actually tackle these issues head-on with concrete policies that truly help Utah families. Rachel Nelson has been an advocate for victims of sexual violence, domestic abuse, drug addiction, and child poverty. She has been a voice for everyday survivors, and she will continue to be a strong and dedicated advocate in the state legislature.