Quality Education

“Being educated is the difference between wishing you could do some good and being able to do some good.”
-Russell M Nelson

Our children deserve the best education possible, but our state government has been denying our schools the resources required for this most important task. In fact, Utah schools have the lowest per pupil funding in the nation. Despite the lack of resources, educators, parents, and children work together to maintain test scores close to the national average. Just think of what our schools could accomplish if our educators were allowed adequate funding. Think of what our children could accomplish if our classrooms were provided with the resources and tools to ensure that each child can achieve their full potential.

Val Peterson proudly boasts his position as “the vice president for administration and legislative affairs, having served as its liaison on Capitol Hill for 12 of those years”. This accomplishment, while admirable, is a serious conflict of interest in matters of education funding. Rachel Nelson is available and willing to proudly serve as a representative for the families of district 59. Rachel understands that when it comes to education funding and policy-making, the knowledge and experience of educators should be a guiding force.