Ethical Development

Whether you look to the Native American tribes who lived on this land thousands of years before the arrival of European explorers or recognize the settlement of Mormon pioneers, the Utah we know and love has a strong history of self-sufficiency, farming, and the protection of natural resources. Utah families know the value of these principles and work hard to preserve our history.

However, in recent years, our own state government has turned the focus away from these wise principles. The majority of our state representatives have chosen to allow the money and influence of the oil and development industries to pollute Utah policy, neglecting the future of Utah. When our leaders prioritize profits over people, we pay the price.

In matters of zoning laws, development planning, and stewardship of the land, we rely on our local and state governments to do what is right for the future of Utah. We need leaders who will carefully consider the consequences of rezoning our farmland and orchards for high density housing. We need leaders who fully understand how land use affects localized pollution and traffic congestion. We need leaders who will refrain from selling our resources to the highest bidder, instead choosing to protect, preserve, and defend this beautiful place we call home.

As a Utah native and mother, Rachel Nelson is committed to these principles.