Clean Air And Water

“There comes a time when a person can no longer stand by and listen to the dishonest words of a politician. Utah is more than an opportunity for large corporations and greed. It is worth so much more than the gas, oil, or minerals which can be dug up out of the ground and sold, or the real estate which can be bought and built up into large apartment complexes.

This is the place where I was born and raised. My parents had the good sense to take their children on outdoor adventures, teaching us to appreciate the land. From a very young age, my siblings and I were learning the value of our precious mountains, rivers, and lakes. These are the precious resources Utah has to offer, this is what we are meant to protect.

If we stand idly by and allow our home to be taken apart piece by piece, the so-called “special interest” driven policies legislated by our own elected officials will destroy every unique, beautiful, and safe aspect of Utah. It is time for the people of Utah to stand up together and fight against the lobbyists for the real estate developers, the oil and coal industries, the pharmaceutical companies, and so much more. The greed of these industries will ruin Utah, if we allow it to. That is simply not a cost we can afford to pay.

Utah is a great place for families, and it is my home.”

Rachel Nelson