Healthcare Access

Healthcare costs are skyrocketing at unprecedented levels. Costs have risen to such a degree that Utah families are declaring bankrupcy and are unable to cover medical expenses, while tens of thousands of Utah children remain uninsured. Payments of medical bills from an illness or injury can last for years after treatment. Far too many Utah families are one accident or illness away from serious debt, bankrupcy, or the loss of their family home.

Our legislators must work to stop the overreach of greed in the medical field, and put the people of Utah first. It is time for our elected officials to refuse campaign donations and other support from the medical and pharmaceutical industries. These industries, while they provide important and life-saving services, should not receive special consideration from our government. Next, we must demand from our legislators the closure of the “medicaid gap.” Almost 100,000 Utahns, 65,000 of whom are children, remain uninsured and lack access to necessary medical care because their families fall into the medicaid gap. We must have a medical industry that provides excellent care for all Utahns, not just those who are fortunate and blessed with good health.