Meet Rachel Nelson


Get to know more about the candidate who will fight for you, what she stands for, and what her plans are for our home!

Rachel is the right candidate, and a voice fighting for real family values.


Rachel is committed to running a transparent campaign for the people of District 59, and Utah County, alike. She is committed to fighting with the people of Utah to improve our education system, ensure access to affordable health care, and implement guidelines to sustain a healthy local and global environment, as we move legislative practices into the future.

Born in Provo, Utah, Rachel attended Provo High School, Utah College of Massage Therapy, and Utah Valley University. As a student of the Behavioral Sciences, her greatest hope is to ensure a future of global awareness, equality, and appreciation for all people. Her highest responsibility in life, however, has always been as a mother.

As one of fourteen siblings, there is but one word to accurately describe the way Rachel was raised: INCLUSIVE. Without hesitation, her family welcomed guests with open arms and an open door policy. Finances were tight, but that never stopped her family from reaching out to meet the needs of others. Service, empathy, and compassion were a given.

Raising a family in Utah, Rachel knows the value of community. Her lifelong experience with volunteer work, community outreach, and humanitarian projects has provided her a broader perspective and a deeper understanding of our community. Rachel believes in the importance of well-rounded, inclusive education for our children, access to affordable healthcare for all, and keeping Utah beautiful through sound environmental practices.

Rachel will work tirelessly for the voice of the people to be heard. Every voice in our community deserves to be heard. Every person deserves to have their experiences validated, their issues addressed, their problems resolved. Everyone deserves equality!