On National Politics and Sexual Assualt: Safety First

The following is a public statement issued jointly by Rachel Nelson, Donna Gibbons, and Brooke Swallow-Fenton regarding comments made by Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump.

“In December of 1856, Abraham Lincoln said, “Our Government rests in public opinion. Whoever can change public opinion can change the government, practically just so much.” These words are as true today as yesterday.

Our presidential election is wrought with strong accusations and hateful rhetoric, and across the nation, the dialogue is changing. Even still, the last few weeks have exposed a glimpse of something much darker, more perverse. Mr Donald Trump, a candidate for President of the United States of America, now stands before national audiences, and the world, making light of sexual violence.

To put this issue into perspective, we must consider that 1 in 3 Utah women will be subjected to sexual violence within their lifetime. Again, 1 in 3 Utah women will face sexual violence. What is worse is that Utah’s rate of sexual violence is much higher than the national average, and has been since the year 2000.

Settled by pioneers, Utah’s history is filled with stories of families seeking refuge and prosperity. Nurturing a family-friendly community remains a top priority among residents throughout our state. A priority which is, in many ways, bolstered by the wonderful women we love so dearly. Our friends and neighbors understand the value of women, and our legislators must not take these threats to, and violence against, our safety lightly.

It is with this in mind, that we call upon our local leaders. Utah voters rely on our elected officials to provide information and insight during elections, and can not wait any longer for our legislators to take a public stand against anyone in a position of leadership promoting violence against women in any light. In this case, Mr Donald Trump.

In March, Mitt Romney had the good sense to state, in no uncertain terms, his opposition to the thoughtless words and actions of his party’s nominee. Time magazine shared Romney’s speech wherein he spoke many times of Trump’s views of women. The time has come when our representatives must choose to represent Utah women and families before their party, as each and every representative in Utah county is a member of the Republican party. We expect no less.”

—–Rachel Nelson, candidate for Utah House District 59
—–Donna Gibbons, candidate for Utah House District 6
—–Brooke Swallow-Fenton, candidate for Utah House District 60