Utah’s Online Financial Disclosures

It is no secret that raising a family, earning a college degree, building a career, and enjoying the company of our loved ones, with what little time we have, is more than enough to keep even the most determined and focused of our neighbors busy. We simply don’t all have the time to research and defend each and every need of our friends and neighbors. This is why our district representatives are elected to protect our best interests.

Rachel Nelson understands that it is the duty of our elected officials to remain focused on serving us and supporting our values. Through her pledge to refuse all corporate donations, she remains beholden to the people of Utah. It is essential that all of our elected officials do the same, because simply put, no man can serve two masters.

Our campaign does not wish to engage in any negative speak or inappropriate behavior, but we do support transparency. Fortunately, all financial disclosures for candidates are provided online by the Lietenant Governor’s office. We encourage you to review campaign funding and make an informed decision.

Rachel Nelson’s disclosures can be found here: https://disclosures.utah.gov/Search/PublicSearch/FolderDetails/1414553
Val Peterson’s disclosures can be found here: https://disclosures.utah.gov/Search/PublicSearch/FolderDetails/1409531