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Rachel Nelson is the candidate for Utah House District 59 fighting for a stronger education system, clean air, and affordable healthcare. Rachel has pledged to not accept corporate donations, and will work to ensure that our government puts our best interest before moneyed interests, because “family friendly” is more than just a catchphrase.

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"I am voting for Rachel Nelson because she cares about the issues that are most dear to my heart. She understands how overworked and underpaid educators are here in the state of Utah, how the cost of living continues to rise while wages stay stagnant for the working and middle-classes, how Utah's air and water need greater protection to maintain the health of its' residents, and much more. Rachel advocates tirelessly for the disenfranchised and oppressed and is not afraid to go head to head on tough issues. She understands the life of everyday citizens that work hard, play by the rules, and struggle to get ahead. Rachel is committed to representing us, the people, and not special interest groups. She is also a committed wife and mother that makes time to serve her community because she truly cares. For these reasons, Rachel Nelson will have my vote on November 8th!"

Lauren McKinnon Castro
Lauren McKinnon Castro Social Work Intern, Loving Wife and Mother, District 59 Voter

"Rachel Nelson is a straight forward person you can take at face value. She cares about people and is a true exemplar of selfless service. She cares about women's issues, women's rights, and improving the society we raise our children in. As a Mother, these issues are important, for I want to be able to tell my children they have nothing to fear."

Molly Shumway Rawlins
Molly Shumway Rawlins Stay-At-Home Mom, District 59 Voter

"I’m voting for Rachel Nelson because she represents my family values. As a mother of six, I appreciate her focus on improving the education system. She knows that a strong future is built upon educating our children. The environment is a large concern of mine. I want a representative who will address my concerns about clean water and air, and Rachel is as concerned as I am. Lastly, I want special interest money out of politics. I want a representative who’s main concern is the constituents and not corporate interests. I like that Rachel has not taken any corporate money to fund her campaign. On election day, I will be voting Rachel Nelson for Utah House District 59 and encourage you to do the same."

Heather Dorius
Heather Dorius Family Nurse Practitioner, Loving Mother, District 59 Voter

"Rachel Nelson has genuine family and citizen concerns in mind, instead of special interests. We have the lowest funding for students and it affects my family because my husband is a teacher who works hard for some of the lowest wages in the country, while half his peers flee the profession because of Utah's bad legislation. And my kids suffer for it. We need a representative who is not bought and paid for."

Cheryl Montgomery
Cheryl Montgomery Web Developer, District 59 Voter

"The decision for my wife to run for office was difficult for our family, but it was something which I encouraged her to do because I know the person that she is. Rachel is principled. She is courageous and compassionate. She speaks up for the disenfranchised and for those who may not otherwise have a voice. I believe in her vision for a cleaner and more compassionate Utah, and embrace her focus on improving our schools. She has been a strong advocate for women's issues, minorities, the working class, and children, and she will continue to do so as our representative at the State Capitol."

John Nelson
John Nelson Market Analyst, Economics Enthusiast, Combat Veteran, District Legislative Chair, Loving Husband & Father

"Rachel Nelson is a natural born leader. Currently running for the Utah House of Representatives, just barely in her thirties, and a loving mother to five children. She is passionate about making a difference in our world for the better. Her favorite topic is education, and she is working for more school funding. Nelson has volunteered in the schools, and on the school safety committee. I look forward to working with more people like Rachel. Our world is getting better because of her fearless commitment."

Alan Naumann
Alan Naumann Solar Consultant

"I'm voting for Rachel because we need to get lobbyists out of our state government, and focus on the people! The revolution is here, and with Rachel's help, we can bring that revolution to Utah!"

Matthew Hogan
Matthew Hogan Bank Teller, District 59 Voter